X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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movies-score.blogspot.com X-Men Origins: Wolverine posterHugh Jackman reprises the role that made him a superstar - as the fierce fighting machine who possesses amazing healing powers, retractable claws and a primal fury. Leading up to the events of X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe whose appearances in the film series have long been anticipated.
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Release Date :May 1, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

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movies-score.blogspot.com Ghosts of Girlfriends Past posterCelebrity photographer Connor Mead loves freedom, fun and women…in that order. A committed bachelor who thinks nothing of breaking up with multiple women on a conference call, Connor’s mockery of romance proves a real buzz-kill for his kid brother, Paul, and a houseful of well wishers on the eve of Paul’s wedding. Just when it looks like Connor may single-handedly ruin the wedding, he is visited by the ghosts of his former jilted girlfriends, who take him on a revealing and hilarious odyssey through his failed relationships—past, present and future. Together they attempt to find out what turned Connor into such an insensitive jerk and whether there is still hope for him to find true love…or if he really is the lost cause everyone thinks he is.
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Release Date :May 1, 2009

Battle for Terra

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movies-score.blogspot.com Battle for Terra posterWhen the peaceful inhabitants of the beautiful planet Terra come under attack from the last surviving members of humanity adrift in an aging spaceship, the stage is set for an all-out war between the two races for control of the planet. But will an unlikely friendship between a rebellious young Terrian (voiced by Evan Rachel Wood) and an injured human pilot (Luke Wilson) somehow convince their leaders that war is not the answer?
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Release Date :May 1, 2009

The Limits of Control

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movies-score.blogspot.com The Limits of Control posterThe Limits of Control is the new movie from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Down by Law). The film is set in the striking and varied landscapes of contemporary Spain (both urban and otherwise). The location shoot there united the writer/director with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love, Paranoid Park).
Isaach De Bankole stars in the lead role for Mr. Jarmusch; this marks the duo’s fourth collaboration over nearly two decades, following Night on Earth, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, and Coffee and Cigarettes. The Limits of Control also features several other actors with whom Mr. Jarmusch has previously worked, including Alex Descas, John Hurt, Youki Kudoh, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton; and actors new to his films, including Hiam Abbass, Gael Garcia Bernal, Paz De La Huerta, Jean-Francois Stevenin, and Luis Tosar.
The Limits of Control is the story of a mysterious loner (played by Mr. De Bankole), a stranger, whose activities remain meticulously outside the law. He is in the process of completing a job, yet he trusts no one, and his objectives are not initially divulged.
His journey, paradoxically both intently focused and dreamlike, takes him not only across Spain but also through his own consciousness.
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Release Date :May 1, 2009


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movies-score.blogspot.com Fighting posterSmall-town boy Shawn MacArthur (Channing Tatum) has come to New York City with nothing. Barely earning a living selling counterfeit goods on the streets, his luck changes when scam artist Harvey Boarden (Terrence Howard) sees that he has a natural talent for streetfighting. When Harvey offers Shawn help at making the real cash, the two form an uneasy partnership.
As Shawn's manager, Harvey introduces him to the corrupt bare-knuckle circuit, where rich men bet on disposable pawns. Almost overnight, he becomes a star brawler, taking down professional boxers, mixed martial arts champs and ultimate fighters in a series of staggeringly intense bouts. But if Shawn ever hopes to escape the dark world in which he's found himself, he must now face the toughest fight of his life.
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Release Date :Apr 24, 2009

Mutant Chronicles

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movies-score.blogspot.com Mutant Chronicles posterIt's the year 2707. Earth's natural resources have been exhausted by mankind. Battle rages between the soldiers of four leading Corporations: the Capitol, Bauhaus, Mishima and Imperial.
Mitch Hunter and Nathan Rooker, battle hardened Capitol soldiers, fight a desperate battle against a Bauhaus advance. When an errant shell destroys an ancient stone seal, they find themselves facing a new enemy: hideous necromutants, with boneblades that grow from their arms. Mitch barely manages to escape. Nathan does not.
The mutants multiply by millions and they destroy all before them. The Corporations' leader, Constantine, is about to abandon the planet and leave countless innocents to their desperate fate, when he is approached by Brother Samuel, leader of the Brotherhood, an ancient monastic order.
Samuel is the keeper of the Chronicles, a book that prophesies both the rise of the Mutants, and of the 'Deliverer' that will destroy them. Samuel believes he is that Deliverer destined to journey deep into the earth and destroy the source of the mutant scourge.
He manages to recruit Mitch, along with a handful of like-minded soldiers: Steiner, honor bound Bauhaus officer; sword wielding Severian; street fighter El Jesus; fearless beauty Duval; and stoic warrior Juba.
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Release Date :Apr 24, 2009

The Informers

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movies-score.blogspot.com The Informers posterIn such works as Less Than Zero and American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis brilliantly dissects contemporary American society, a culture in which too much is never enough. Now, adapting his own acclaimed novel for the screen, The Informers, he returns to the Los Angeles of the early 1980's with a multi-strand narrative that deftly balances a vast array of characters who represent both the top of the heap (a Hollywood dream merchant, a dissolute rock star, an aging newscaster) and the bottom (a voyeristic doorman, an amoral ex-con). Connecting all his intertwining strands are the quintessential Ellis protagonists- a group of beautiful, blonde young men and women who sleep all day and party all night, doing drugs-one another-with abandon, never realizing that they are dancing on the edge of a volcano. Filmed with uncommon glamour and grit by acclaimed Australian director Gregor Jordan (Ned Kelly, Buffalo Soldiers), The Informers is an alternately blistering and chilling portrait of hedonism run amuck.
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Release Date :Apr 24, 2009


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movies-score.blogspot.com Obsessed posterDerek Charles (Idris Elba), a successful asset manager who has just recieved a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage to the beautiful Sharon (Beyonce Knowles). But when Lisa (Ali Larter), a temp worker, starts stalking Derek, all the things he's worked so hard for are placed in jeopardy.
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Release Date :Apr 24, 2009


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movies-score.blogspot.com Tyson posterTyson is acclaimed indie director James Toback's intimate and moving no-holds-barred portrait of a humbled Mike Tyson told in the words of the former heavyweight champion. In Tyson, Mike Tyson examines his own life in and out of the ring with a candor, eloquence and vulnerability that is by turns poignant, funny and never less than brutally honest. Through a deft mixture of original interviews and archival footage and photographs, a suprisingly complex, fully-rounded human being emerges. The film ranges from Mike's earliest memories of growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn through his entry into the world of boxing, including his rollercoaster ride through the funhouse of worldwide fame and his fortunes won and lost. Tyson offers much more than a documentary about a former heavyweight champ--it is the story of a legendary and uniquely controversial international athletic icon, a figure conjuring radical questions of race and class, and a man arose from the most debased circumstances and soared to seemingly unlimited heights, followed by destruction generated by hubris, like a character out of classical tragedy.
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Release Date :Apr 24, 2009


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movies-score.blogspot.com Julia posterJulia is an alcoholic on the constant decline. Because of that, she loses her job. Her only friend, Mitch, a recovering alcoholic himself, makes her go to an AA meeting, where she meets her neighbour, Elena. Elena starts to talk about her son Tommy, who lives with his grandfather, because his father died and Elena herself has a history of psychosis. The grandfather is very rich. Elena tells Julia that she wants to kidnap her son and go back to Mexico with him and she needs Julia to help her, she would pay her 50.000 dollars. She tells Elena that she'll do it.
Elena explains the plan. The boy and his guardian will be swimming at the river in a couple of days time. Julia should wait in the car close to the place, while Elena gets Tommy and then Julia shall drive them to the border. Elena asks Julia not to drink that day.
Later, she discovers that Elena doesnt have any money after all.
Finally, the day is here. Julia waits in her car, then goes to get the boy.
She locks Tommy in the trunk and takes off. In panic, she drives to a motel with him, in the desert. In the motel, she makes him take sleeping pills, binds him up and calls the grandfather and asks for a ransom, 2 mio dollars.
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Release Date :Apr 24, 2009

Crank: High Voltage

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Now, in the high-octane sequel Crank High Voltage, Chev has managed to survive -- and is about to face a brand new day.
Picking up immediately where the first movie left off, Crank High Voltage finds Chev surviving the climactic plunge to his most certain death on the streets of Los Angeles, only to be kidnapped by a mysterious Chinese mobster. Three months later, Chev wakes up to discover his nearly indestructible heart has been surgically removed and replaced with a battery-operated ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity in order to work.
After a dangerous escape from his captors, Chev is on the run again, this time from the charismatic Mexican gang boss El Huron (Clifton Collins, Jr.), and the Chinese Triads, headed by the dangerous 100 year-old elder Poon Dong (David Carradine). Once again turning to Doc Miles (Dwight Yoakam) for medical advice, receiving help from his friend Kaylo’s twin brother Venus (Efren Ramirez), and re-connecting with his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart), who is no longer in the dark about what he does for a living, Chev is determined to get his real heart back and wreak vengeance on whoever stole it, embarking on an electrifying chase through Los Angeles where anything goes to stay alive.
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Release Date :Apr 17, 2009

State Of Play

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movies-score.blogspot.com State Of Play posterOscar® winner Russell Crowe leads an all-star cast in a blistering thriller about a rising congressman and an investigative journalist embroiled in a case of seemingly unrelated, brutal murders. Crowe plays D.C. reporter Cal McAffrey, whose street smarts lead him to untangle a mystery of murder and collusion among some of the nation’s most promising political and corporate figures in State of Play, from acclaimed director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland).
Handsome, unflappable U.S. Congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) is the future of his political party: an honorable appointee who serves as the chairman of a committee overseeing defense spending. All eyes are upon the rising star to be his party’s contender for the upcoming presidential race. Until his research assistant/mistress is brutally murdered and buried secrets come tumbling out.
McAffrey has the dubious fortune of both an old friendship with Collins and a ruthless editor, Cameron (Oscar® winner Helen Mirren), who has assigned him to investigate. As he and partner Della (Rachel McAdams) try to uncover the killer’s identity, McAffrey steps into a cover-up that threatens to shake the nation’s power structures. And in a town of spin-doctors and wealthy politicos, he will discover one truth: when billions are at stake, no one’s integrity, love or life is ever safe.
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Release Date :Apr 17, 2009

17 Again

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movies-score.blogspot.com 17 Again posterWhat would you do if you got a second shot at life?
Class of 1989, Mike O'Donnell (Zac Efron) is a star on the high school basketball court with a college scout in the stands and a bright future in his grasp. But instead, he decides to throw it all away to share his life with his girlfriend Scarlet and the baby he just learned they are expecting.
Almost 20 years later, Mike's (Matthew Perry) glory days are decidedly behind him. His marriage to Scarlet (Leslie Mann) has fallen apart, he has been passed over for a promotion at work, his teenage kids think he is a loser, and he has been reduced to crashing with his high school nerd-turned-techno-billionaire best friend Ned (Thomas Lennon).
But Mike is given another chance when he is miraculously transformed back to the age of 17. Unfortunately, Mike may look 17 again, but his thirtysomething outlook is totally uncool among the class of 2009.
And in trying to recapture his best years, Mike could lose the best things that ever happened to him.
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Release Date :Apr 17, 2009

Sleep Dealer

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movies-score.blogspot.com Sleep Dealer posterMemo Cruz (Peña) lives with his parents and his brother in the small, dusty village of Santa Ana del Rio, in Mexico. One night, while using his homemade radio, Memo stumbles across something he’s never heard before – the communications of the security forces that are constantly patrolling the area around his village. Memo is then forced to realize his dream of leaving Santa Ana in the worst possible way when his house are destroyed in a reckless remote-control bombing.
Driven by feelings of guilt, and a need to earn money, Memo leaves his family and his pueblo to go north, find work, and help his family start again. On the way, Memo meets a young woman, sharp and beautiful, named Luz (Varela). Luz is an aspiring journalist who dreams of writing a story that might one day change the world.
A strange and complex relationship is set in motion between Memo Cruz (Peña) and Luz (Varela). She wants to learn more about him, to sell more memories to her anonymous client. But he is cautious about revealing the real reasons he’s come to Tijuana. All Memo cares about is getting work that pays -- and to do it he needs to connect to the network too -- he needs nodes. When the identity of Luz's reader is revealed, a chain of events is set in motion that will connect three strangers, and change their lives -- maybe even change the world -- forever.
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Release Date :Apr 17, 2009

Every Little Step

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movies-score.blogspot.com Every Little Step posterThe Broadway favorite A CHORUS LINE became a cultural touchstone in its epic first run in the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, and its new millennium revival has attracted similar interest. For this documentary, directors James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo (THE YEAR OF THE YAO) chronicle the history of the musical, revealing the show’s origins in the ‘70s as well as getting unprecedented access to the behind-the-scenes action of the revival.
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Release Date :Apr 17, 2009

Lemon Tree (Etz Limon)

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movies-score.blogspot.com Lemon Tree (Etz Limon) posterSalma Zidane (Hiam Abbass), a 45 years old widow from a small Palestinian village in the West bank, finds herself at war with the Israeli Minister of Defense (Doron Tavory) who built his house on the green line border between Israel and the occupied Territories on the edge of Salma’s lemon grove. Soon enough the Israeli security forces claim that the grove is a threat to the safety of the minister and issue orders to uproot the lemon trees. Salma, whose son is in America and daughters live far away from her, decides to fight for her trees. Salma is joined by a young Palestinian lawyer, Ziad Daud (Ali Suliman), who fights against a wall of clever military lawyers who have the backing of the government. Salma is fighting for trees that were planted by her father over 50 years ago, trees that have absorbed blood, sweat and tears like the whole region.
On the other side of the grove, Mira Navon (Rona Lipaz-Michael), the Minister’s wife, is also undergoing a major change in her life. After fulfilling her duties for so many years, and despite the new house and her husband’s new and powerful job, she feels unhappy.
A bond is created between the two women, each of them discovering a new life ahead of them, each in her own territory, across the deep border between them.
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Release Date :Apr 17, 2009

American Violet

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movies-score.blogspot.com American Violet posterBased on true events during the 2000 election, American Violet tells the astonishing story of Dee Roberts (critically hailed newcomer Nicole Beharie), a 24 year-old African American single mother of four young girls living in a small Texas town who is barely able to make ends meet.
While police drag Dee from work in handcuffs, dumping her in the squalor of the women’s county prison, the powerful local district attorney (Academy Award® nominee Michael O’Keefe) leads an extensive drug bust, sweeping her housing project with military precision. Dee soon discovers she has been charged as a drug dealer.
Even though Dee has no prior drug record and no drugs were found on her in the raid, she is offered a hellish choice: plead guilty and go home as a convicted felon or remain in prison, jeopardizing her custody and risking a long prison sentence.
She chooses to fight the district attorney and the unyielding criminal justice system, risking everything in a battle that forever changes her life and the Texas justice system.
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Release Date :Apr 17, 2009

Hannah Montana The Movie

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movies-score.blogspot.com Hannah Montana The Movie posterAfter the huge success of HANNAH MONTANA & MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT, an all-new Hannah Montana adventure cruises to the big screen with this comedy. Hannah's star continues to climb, while Miley is in danger of being lost in the shuffle. To help bring her back to Earth, Miley's dad (Billy Ray Cyrus) takes her to Crowley Corners, Tennessee, where there's plenty of love and laughter in the air. HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE stars favorites from the TV series as well as Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift.
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Release Date :Apr 10, 2009

Observe and Report

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movies-score.blogspot.com Observe and Report posterAt the Forest Ridge Mall, head of security Ronnie Barnhardt (SETH ROGEN) patrols his jurisdiction with an iron fist. The master of his domain, he combats skateboarders, shoplifters and the occasional unruly customer while dreaming of the day when he can swap his flashlight for a badge and a gun.
Ronnie's delusions of grandeur are put to the test when the mall is struck by a flasher. Driven by his personal duty to protect and serve the mall and its patrons, Ronnie seizes the opportunity to showcase his underappreciated law enforcement talents on a grand scale, hoping his solution of this crime will earn him a coveted spot at the police academy and the heart of his elusive dream girl Brandi (ANNA FARIS), the hot make-up counter clerk who won't give him the time of day.
But his single-minded pursuit of glory launches a turf war with the equally competitive Detective Harrison (RAY LIOTTA) of the Conway Police, and Ronnie is confronted with the challenge of not only catching the flasher, but getting him before the real cops.
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Release Date :Apr 10, 2009

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

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movies-score.blogspot.com The Mysteries of Pittsburgh posterBased on Michael Chabon's influential novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh seductively captures that moment when getting derailed from complacency opens your mind to the endless possibilities life has to offer. Set in Pittsburgh in the early 1980s, the story chronicles the last true summer of Art Bechstein's youth. Stuck in a dead-end job working for his eccentric sometime-girlfriend, and forced into an endless series of airless dinners with his mobster father, Art begins to believe that perhaps he doesn't even exist at all. What begins as a mundane summer is quickly interrupted when he encounters a beautiful debutante and her lusty boyfriend. Together they reveal a side of Art—and Pittsburgh—that he has never known. As the summer boils on and their adventures darken, Art decides to risk everything to preserve his newfound paradise: he thrusts himself headlong into the blurring boundaries of family, friendship, and love. Writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber and his immensely gifted cast bring Chabon's pages to life with passion, humor, and pathos, wholly capturing the joys and pains that come with encountering people who change your life forever. This movie, a stunning study of human interaction and liberation, is for anyone who has ever been rocked—for a moment or for a lifetime—by someone truly extraordinary.
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Release Date :Apr 10, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

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movies-score.blogspot.com Dragonball Evolution posterThe story begins with Goku (Justin Chatwin), who seeks out upon his adoptive grandfather Grandpa Gohan's (Randall Duk Kim) dying request to find the great Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) and gather all seven Dragon Balls. Of which he has one, in order to prevent the evil Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) from succeeding in his desire to use the Dragon Balls to take over the world. And Goku's quest is to obtain the mystical Dragonballs before Piccolo does. On his adventure, Goku encounter with Bulma (Emmy Rossum), a beautiful woman intent on retrieving the mystical Dragonballs for her own reasons; Chi Chi (Jamie Chung), a young martial artist who captures Goku's eye; Yamcha (Joon Park), a charismatic "bad boy" whose schemes could thwart the heroes' journey; Mai (Eriko), an assassin who works with Piccolo; and Sifu Norris (Ernie Hudson), a Master and contemporary of Roshi's.
Score :

Release Date :Apr 8, 2009


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Set in late-seventies Long Island, Lymelife follows two families who crumble when tangled relationships, real estate problems and Lyme disease converge in the heart of suburbia. Fifteen-year-old Scott Bartlett is a gentle boy, radically different from his blustery father Mickey and tightly wired mother Brenda. An outbreak of Lyme disease, as well as the accompanying paranoia, hits their suburban community hard. When the Bartletts' neighbor Charlie Bragg is diagnosed with the illness, Brenda calms her fears by duct-taping Scott's cuffs shut.
Despite the onset of this mysterious ailment, the two families are quite busy. Since Charlie is unable to work, his wife Melissa must keep the income flowing herself. She is hired by Mickey, who is the developer of an enormous subdivision, and though this gesture is a friendly favor, it is also patently motivated by lust. Mickey's history of philandering is one of the many things upsetting his wife Brenda, who yearns for the comfort of their old neighborhood in Queens. And growing up amid this marital cocktail is Scott, who has been in love with the Braggs' daughter Adrianna for all of his young life. The news both good and bad is that she is starting to return his interest.
Things really heat up when Jimmy, Scott's older brother, comes home on leave from the army. Jimmy shares many of his father's personality traits, and his confrontations with Mickey trigger events that permanently alter both families.
Score :

Release Date :Apr 8, 2009